Get to know us…

In June of 1997, CC Custom Products, Inc. began operations providing other lighting companies products and services.  In 2011 we began manufacturing our D2D outdoor security light for utility companies.  We have since grown our product line to meet the needs of most utility companies.  Since we have become a lighting manufacturer, we felt it was time for our name to reflect it.  So, in June of 2017, we became CC Utility Lighting, Inc.  Our goal is to produce LED lighting fixtures that our customers can install and would be maintenance free.  Our fixtures operate at half the required operating temperatures, have the highest performing electronic driver, and the highest rated surge protection (36kv) available in utility LED lighting products today.  We designed the best lighting distribution for our fixtures with the highest power factor of 98% minimum.  That is why we can back our products with a 10 year unconditional warranty.  If any component of the LED system fails during the first 10 years of operation, we will replace it free of charge.

Our fixtures are some of the best performing fixtures available to our utility customers.  In the past, the industry has placed a high value on the initial cost of the lighting fixture.  This usually does not result in the lowest overall total cost of the fixture.  As maintenance costs continue to increase along with the cost to purchase power, the overall total cost of the fixture can be excessively high with a poorly designed fixture.  Our “Cost Calculator” will allow you to insert the cost of the lights on your system and compare the total cost of our fixtures versus our competitors.  It will also show your cost savings annually and estimated payback plus rate-of-return if you were to upgrade your system using our fixtures.  Contact us today for your cost savings.